A simple, safe way to store media & share it over the network

Drobo was designed from the ground up to be simple enough for anyone to use, but sophisticated enough to provide reliable, sound storage for your most important digital assets.

No more searching for which disk or drive your media files are on. Drobo makes managing storage space and digital content simple and easy. Store your music, TV shows, and movies on Drobo, where they can continue to grow and be protected. You can create endless playlists in your iTunes library without running out of space. And if you do find that things are getting a little crowded, just add another drive or replace a drive with a higher capacity drive.

With a Drobo 5N, you can store and share files with your family at home. When you buy a new DVD or download TV shows, transfer the files to your Drobo for everyone to enjoy. Drobo 5N has a built-in file server and multiple users to store and access content over the network. Plug it into any switch or wireless router and you're ready to go. The Drobo 5N was designed for one purpose: to deliver the best file sharing experience ever!

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