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Yahoo Announces $1.1 Billion Acquisition of Blogging Site Tumblr

Yahoo!’s deal for Tumblr has become official after the rumor mill started up last Thursday. However, many Tumblr fans are concerned what this means for Tumblr, and in fact some 72,000 ...

The Top 25 Passwords Used and Why You Shouldn’t Use Them

A list was released in the past few months that included the most commonly-used passwords of last year. These passwords, and any variation of these passwords, are some of the passwords ...

Need Some Extra Funds? Kickstarter Might Get You There

Even though Kickstarter success stories are usually for small underdog-type businesses, your business can still succeed if you choose to use it. There are stories of people starting Kickstarter campaigns and ...

Keeping Your Phone Safe from Cyber Attacks

You may think it’s a little outlandish that you have to protect your phone from cyber attacks, but unfortunately, celebrities aren’t the only people who get their phones hacked. In ...

PayPal Waiving Fees for Rest of 2012 on New Mobile Processing Service

PayPal was once just a means of making secure payments over the Internet, but in recent years the payment system has expanded in new directions that small business owners are sure ...

Encouraging Your Employees to Think Big

One of the best things about owning your own business is being able to find new and exciting ways to make some extra money. Not only can it be fun and ...

What is Important on Facebook Other Than Engagement?

Facebook engagement is important, no doubt. Just having a Facebook is simply not good enough in today’s world. Fans want to be entertained, appreciated, and interested by your company’s statuses and posts. However, there are some things that trump Facebook ...

Learning to Use Your Time Wisely

Time is the one thing in business that isn’t infinite. Other things you can borrow, find, or make yourself, but time is the most important thing for you to manage well. ...

Should Your Business Care about Instagram?

With so many social media websites making their mark on the world, you’d think that one more just wouldn’t make a big enough difference in the reputation of your business. Instagram ...

Why You Should Have a Business Plan

Even if you aren’t starting out with a brand new venture, it’s still important that you create a business plan – even if you didn’t do so when you started your ...

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